Hey there, I’m Tom van den Berg, a tech geek, Lead Engineer, and a big fan of sharing what I know. I’m all about diving headfirst into the tech world and making it fun and engaging.

My expertise? Well, I’m all about C#, CI/CD, Mission-Critical Systems, Cloud, and the fantastic universe of Azure. These subjects aren’t just my job; they’re my playground for curiosity and creativity.

As a Lead Engineer, I get a kick out of crafting mission-critical applications that have to be bulletproof. Solving complex tech puzzles and making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine? That’s what gets me buzzing.

But it’s not just about me – I love sharing the tech excitement. I’m also a public speaker who enjoys connecting with fellow tech enthusiasts. Through blogs and talks, I’m here to break down the geek-speak. We’ll dive into C#, get cozy with CI/CD, unravel mission-critical mysteries, and explore the cloud galaxy – especially Azure.

So, join me in this tech adventure! We’ll explore, learn, and have a blast together. From nifty C# tricks to mastering the art of CI/CD and discovering the endless possibilities in the cloud, it’s going to be a tech-tastic journey. Stick around for some fun tech insights, discussions, and aha moments!